Filands Farm

Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Filands pigs are bred and born at Lawn Farm, Hullavington and outdoor reared in grassy paddocks at Filands Farm from 8 weeks old.



Per 1kg

Per 1Lb

Estimated Per Pack or 1.8kg Joint

Leg Joint




Shoulder Joint












Sausages (6 pack)


Chops are typically packaged in two’s. All packs weigh approximately 450g except bacon which is a 1kg pack. Joints weight approximately 1.8kg

Pork Bundle £60 (~7kg or 15lb of mixed cuts)


The Pork Bundle consists of the following:

2x 1.8 Kg (4lb) joint

4x packs of Pork chops ~1kg (2lb)

2 x 6 pack of sausages ~500g (1lb)

1 x pack of bacon ~1kg (2lb)